Detailed terrain mesh collision

Hey, Ive made a spherical landscape that has about 31k polygons, now I have a few questions:

  1. is it too much polygons? (will it all render as 1 spherical object even if the player look only at some polygons and not at all? ) shoud I reduce it?

  2. how can I get my player (capsule at the moment) to interact with the sphere? Ive made custom gravity that will pull the object towards the center, though it simply pass through the landscape, and if I use mesh collider on either the player or the landscape, im getting error saying something about hull and too much polygons…

what do I do?

I can answer a few of these.

  1. The limit for verties is roughly 65536 verts per mesh. If you have more than this, you need to chop it up into smaller meshes
  2. A capsule collider should be able to collide with a mesh collider. If they are both mesh colliders, I believe one (possibly both) of them need to be marked as convex hull.