Detect and Track Objects in Live Webcam Video based on Color and Size by C#

hi, i need to capture the laser light’s xyz position, which will be falling on the screen(a flat surface)and capturing using webcam(webcam facing the screen).i found a link "Detect and Track Objects in Live Webcam Video Based on Color and Size Using C# - CodeProject " and thought useful.but i dont know how to implement in unity new to unity 3d.
my main criteria is to detect a point with specified dimensions and color(laser light point)and to track the position of that object(laser light).

This is not as easy as it might seem. But there are computer vision libraries which can do that in a couple of lines of code. I would use Aforge (as the guy in the article you linked does) or OpenCV.

Unfortunately if I’m not mistaken nor Aforge nor OpenCV doesn’t work in Unity out of the box. You might read about the math behind these libraries but it’s not an easy read I would say.