Detect if bounds are "partially" inside camera frustum

So I’m using the useful convenience methods within Unity’s API to find if my object is inside the camera view frustum, but I’m wanting to detect if it is partially inside. I’m creating my own quadtree culling system.

public void Update(){
	planes = GeometryUtility.CalculateFrustumPlanes(Camera.main);
	if(GeometryUtility.TestPlanesAABB(planes, renderer.bounds)){
		Debug.Log("is inside");	
	} else {
		Debug.Log("isn't inside");	

Anyone got any ideas or will I have to create my own TestPlanesAABB method?

I don’t have a code for it, but use the Bounds structure.

In the Bounds structure you have the min, max and size. And with those you can easily calculate all corners of your boundingbox.

When you have those corners you can check each individual position of the corners to see if they are inside the boundaries you have (in your case inside the frustum). And if all corners are inside, then the whole object is inside. If only 1,2 or 3 are inside, then its only partial inside.

Documentation for Bounds structure.

Good luck!

For some of our apps, we create a plane game object at each frustum plane position. A bounding box or other collider can then be added to these planes easily:

I posted code for this on another answer here: