Detect more than one collider trigger

Hi there,

I’m having a problem with a multiple colliders triggering one event. I created a sphere collider, it’s attached to the player which has its own collider. The reason I’m using on trigger is to nullify the effect of having 2 colliders which causes the character to fly (Y-axis up). It solved that problem, but now I can’t detect if it is colliding with an enemy’s collider. The OnTriggerEnter only detects it with it’s own collider doesn’t trigger any more, even it attacking an enemy. Please help. Thanks!


best way to use separately child object with single collider for each additive collider you need on a single model.

Yeah, I tried that but the it wouldn’t stop triggering itself and if I used the Physics.IgnoreCollisions of the root, it wouldn’t trigger period. I found out the best way was to actually determine the distance between the weapon and the target and when it’s within reasonable bounds and the character is in combat, it triggers. Thanks though,