Detect player blinking in real time w/ kinect or webcam?

I’m using Unity Pro and have access to a Kinect and Webcam. My goal is to measure when the player blinks in game as accurately as possible. So far I have explored virtually every API available:

KinectExtras Facetracking does track face but does not support eyelid tracking, no go

Facetracking with FaceAPI also does not detect blinking

Mixamo FacePlus does detect blinking using a webcam but can only be used to record and store facial animations, does not real time

and finally FaceShift SDK has the same problem as mixamo but uses kinect.

What I REALLY want is something like Image Metric’s Live Driver SDK but I can’t find it anywhere!

Any suggestions? Anyone have a copy of the live driver sdk?

Here is something I found over at CodeProject that may help you out. It deals with webcams though: How to detect eye blink