Detect SinglePlayer mode in a Multiplayer game.

I have a multiplayer game, where 2 players can connect and play.
I also want to add a Single-Player mode where the MaxConnections allowed is only 1 player.
The problem is that the first player always joins by using “NetworkManager.singleton.StartHost();
and the second player joins by using NetworkManager.singleton.StartClient();
the problem is that when I set the MaxConnections to 1, it means max Client connections… and doesn’t count the Host (first player) as a connection. which mean that there still 2 players are able to connect into the single-player mode… Is there any way to set MaxConnections to 0? so no clients will be able to connect except the host?
or just make the host Count as a connection. so it will not allow more connections from other clients?

I solved the problem by setting the max connections number to 5 when its single-player. and in the online scene i just Check if the MaxConnections is 5, (which mean its single player mode). then i just disconnect any connected client except the host.