Detect state of iOS Mute / Silent Button


I need to detect the state of the mute / silent switch on iPhones.

My app narrates a story to the reader. If the mute switch is on, then no audio comes out.

Several beta testers had this happen and they did not make the connection that it was because of the mute switch, so my app looks buggy.

Found this thread, but it was no help.

I did find this on the asset store, but there are 0 reviews and I’m nervous about just throwing it into my app.

I don’t understand why there are almost 0 threads on this topic and why the Asset store doesn’t have 10 different options to address this. What am I missing?


Your app is correctly adhering to Apple iOS Developer Guidelines with regard to the silence switch:

Your problem lies with your testers, not your implementation.

However, the asset you linked to now has reviews and has been updated, so it may do the trick if you insist on detecting the switch.

I would suggest a slightly different opinion - completely understand if audio is a core component of your game. LilGames made a reasonable point that you don’t want to surprise users, so if you need sound, perhaps a gentle on-screen notification or something at app launch that detects and suggests, “Consider unmuting your device, this app needs sound for best experience.”