Detect system requirements

My project is at let’s say 70% complete, and i wanted to know it’s own system requirements. It’s a little early, since i still need to make lots of things, and most of them will change the game’s performance, but i just wanted to know it’s requirements, it’s pure curiosity.

So, i considered 3 options, but all of them have some issues:

1- Test the game in other computers.
No one that i know have a better pc than me, and even i don’t have a “monstruous” pc, so i think it wouldn’t have any sense because my game is to be distributed all over the world and test it in low performance pcs wouldn’t help in anything.

2- Use a System Requirements detection software.
I don’t know any software that can do this, and i couldn’t find one. At least one for free…

3- Test it myself.
I know a lot about hardware, but not enough to just judge the game and make the requirements. Also, i don’t know half of the processors that exist, and i would waste weeks using lots of different softwares just to test if ONE pc can handle it, imagine every pc.

So… I am kinda out of options here. Do anyone know an easy way to do it? I am gonna cry if anyone say to me that i literally need to make it by myself =\

You can use the Profiler in the Unity engine to see what kind of resources the application is using during runtime. Find a maximum that it reaches and just make your requirements higher than that.