Detect when Editor "Mute Audio" Button is Toggled?

The game I’m working on loads a lot of audio assets on scene load from the Resources directory. In a device build, it actually loads very quickly, perhaps because all the Resources are packed or optimized. However, in the editor, it takes a fairly long time to load.

One efficiency I was hoping to enact was that when the “Mute Audio” button in the Game View is toggled on in the editor, I can effectively skip the loading of all those assets and improve iteration time for our designers. They frequently are working with the audio muted anyway.

I realize I could just provide them with a separate debug toggle somewhere for this purpose, but since the “Mute Audio” button already exists, this seems like something that could reasonably be linked to that.

Any ideas how I might do that?

It’s been a while since this was asked, but if you’re still looking, UnityEditor.EditorUtility has a property called ‘audioMasterMute’ that gets set to true when that button is toggled on.