Detect which controller caused event on button Unity XR Plugin

So I am making a game using VR and the XR plugin unity provides and I am trying to add in haptics whenever you hover or enter into a UI element mainly a button. I know how to detect when a controller enters a button using public void OnPointerEnter(PointerEventData eventData) I know that it is properly detecting the pointer entering the button because I had it output when called. So now I need to know which controller to buzz. I think I would have to do something with eventData.currentInputModule but I didn’t really get anywhere with that. I need to get an XR.InputDevice object from the eventData pretty much.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Edit: I am basically trying to get the object that actually caused the invoke from the PointerEventData. I know that this object is stored and the variable name of it though it is private or protected. I tried debugging and looking at eventData.currentInputModule and found a protected variable called m_RegisteredTouches that had the object that actually called the invoke but there is no way to access it. Not sure if I have hit a brick wall but any help would be greatly appreciated.

It’s been a while, but just in case somebody else stumbles upon this thread, there’s a viable solution here: