Detect which market app installed my app?


I release my game on different market apps, and is there a way to detect which market app installed my app? or which market app exists in the user’s phone?

I have so far seen only 2 threads with this question, both outdated. One has “Context” which returns an error because there’s no such thing, and the other which is not Unity3D which has “getInstallerPackageName()”.

This seem to be an unanswered question for Unity3D. Anyone able to clear this question once and for all?


I searched all over for this info too, and finally it looks like this is the key to doing it within Unity:

if (SystemInfo.deviceModel.StartsWith("Amazon"))
   // ...

hello guys
I am trying to develop with the AcMarket apk (ac market apk 2020) and have a related question.
How can I see the installation threads and what other sources the code is being taken from when I install an app from this market?