Detecting a word clicked on in 3D text?


So, I’m interested in making some 3D text which can be broken down into sounds – I’ve attached an image which, hopefully, will describe what i’m talking about. I know how I would go about creating the sound system for breaking down the words – but I don’t know if there’s any way to know, definitely, which word in a 3D text object that a user is clicking on, and then somehow separate that word from the others surrounding it. The ultra-expensive way, I guess, would be to just have a 3D text object for each clickable word. But this might get a bit hairy if there are too many words, right? Are there any plugins that make a single 3d text able to detect which word/character has been clicked on?

Ah! I figured it out, and have made it a package for easy downloading. It uses, at max, two 3dTexts to do what we were talking about. I hope it helps someone else! I tried uploading it to this, but it wouldn’t take. Funny that unitypackages won’t upload to unity answers. What else WOULD you upload?