Detecting an iPhone app running on an iPad

Hey everyone,

Is there a good way to determine if the game is running as an iPhone app on an iPad? I have the following in place to get the platform, and if it is an iOS device, the generation.

mPlatform = Application.platform;
if (mPlatform == RuntimePlatform.IPhonePlayer)
    mGen = iPhoneSettings.generation;

I'm using the generation as a basis for which font size I use. The problem is that when the game is compiled as an iPhone app, but launched on an iPad, it uses the iPhone 320x480 resolution for the game, but the font size I want for the iPad.

So is there a way to determine that even though the generation is iPad1Gen, it is running as an iPhone app?

Alternatively, is there a better solution to my initial problem of trying to set different font sizes based on the platform and generation?


you are making an iphone app but changing only the font size if it is an ipad---don't change the font res if it is an ipad. Alternatively make the app universal so it detects the device is an ipad and uses 1024x768 for font and camera.

iphone only apps will have nothing at 1024x768 res while universal or HD apps must support that res on ipads.