Detecting collision between Character Controller and Rigidbody/Sphere Collider

I have a character object with a Character Controller and a normal game object with both Rigidbody and Sphere Collider components. The Rigidbody is non-kinesmatic and the Sphere Collider is not a trigger.

When my character hits the game object, I should get an OnCollisionEnter call, right? But I’m not – I’ve got a Debug.Log message printing in the OnCollisionEnter method of a script attached to the game object, but it never shows up.

For comparison, the collision gets detected if I make the Sphere Collider a trigger and use OnTriggerEnter instead.

What am I doing wrong?

its kinds of wierd the way Char colliders and rigid bodies collide
long story short

if the rigidbody is in motion a.k.a not sleeping which it is sleeping if its not moving then it works
if the rigidbody isnt moving it doesnt

so player hits gameobject fail
gameobject hits player works

you can use
oncharactercolliderenter (thingthatihit)
if (thingthatihit.tag = “wall”)
do that thing you do