Detecting Collision points of particles?

Hello, I am currently in progress of adding Mallikii Rain to the game I am producing, It is a golden rain, that emits light and when contacts an gameObject collider. It will spawn in or create visible light at the point of collision by instantiating a prefab that only lasts about 3 frames. My Question is…Does anyone have a script or any bit of code that will get me the individual collision points of each particle When it collides?

I have no idea how to get the collision points for the particles and then either move one gameobject (The light) or instantiate and destroy it repeatedly(I know how to instantiate and destroy, Getting the collision points is whats bothering me) Im using a legacy particle system.

Im actually not bad at coding, I just dont understand the particle coding aspect.

OnParticleCollision should have what you need. The ParticleCollisionEvent has a member intersection.