Detecting Collisions with a game object

Hey, so I’ve been looking around for a while and have never found an answer so I will ask instead.

My question is…
How do I get collisions for a game object without a rigidbody, I am using the character controller and I would like to detect collisions for my character, I don’t want to use raycasts as it is not ideal for what I am doing.

Thanks for reading!

You can use a collider and OnCollisionEnter and it’s dérivatives. Check this out Unity - Scripting API: Collider.OnCollisionEnter(Collision)

If you want your character just colliding with the environment you can atach a collider ,like a box collider or a sphere colilder to your character,but for the collision to be detected the environment need colliders too.

Now,if you you want to trigger events when you collide your character with something in your game ,you can use OnTriggerEnter() or OnCollisonEnter().From this 2 functions i ussualy use OnTriggerEnter() ,and for this function one of the colliding object must have a rigidbody ,and both colliders on the character and the object that you want to collide with must have the collider with the “IsTrigger” Checked.

You can search for more information on Unity Documentation about Collision.