Detecting Deselection of GUI.Texture

So, I have this script used to interpret touches on a GUI.Texture.

function Update () {    
if ( iPhoneInput.touchCount > 0 ) {
    for(var i : int = 0; i< iPhoneInput.touchCount;i++) {
        var touch : iPhoneTouch = iPhoneInput.GetTouch(i);
        if(touch.phase == iPhoneTouchPhase.Began && guiTexture.HitTest(touch.position)) {
            PlayerPrefs.SetString("Fire1", "true");

However, it only tells me when a finger is pressed down. I'm looking to see if anyone knows how to add onto this script (or just suggest a new one) to detect for when the finger is released from the GUI.Texture. Any answers would be greatly appreciated!

Change your touch.phase equality check to check for iPhoneTouchPhase.End (or whatever the specifics of it happen to be).

Maybe you can use the Input Class function getMouseButtonUp.