Detecting multiples of 2

As the Title say’s. Is their a way to test a Int variables to see if it is a multiple of 2 or any number?

So say i was testing 4, it would return true. Or if it was 89, it would return False.

int a = 2;
int b = 3;

if(a % 2 == 0)
    Debug.Log("a is even");
if(b % 2 != 0)
    Debug.Log("b is odd");

So basically you just find a mod of division by 2. If it’s equal to 0, the number is even. It’s odd otherwise

Yes, in this case you would use the % symbol. It’s used to find the remainder of integers.
As an example if I were to this.

Debug.Log( 4 % 2 );

It would log 0. But if I were to do this.

Debug.Log( 7 % 2 );

It would log 1 to the console. Because 2 goes in 7, 3 times, which is 6. Which leaves a remainder 1. I could give you code to demonstrate how this would work in your situation, but I think that you should be good, unless you still need help.

You are looking for the Modulo operation - if x Modulo testNumber == 0 then its a multiple. Though if i remember correctly c# implementation of ‘%’ behaves a little different.