Detecting points touched in sequence.

Using Rect(), I created 4 points as follows. (The co-ordinates are fake for now, cause my exacts co-ordinates are too long). The points are place in a diamond shape.

var p1 = Rect(x1,y1,10,10);
var p2 = Rect(x2,y2,10,10);
var p3 = Rect(x3,y3,10,10);
var p4 = Rect(x4,y4,10,10);

This is how it will appear.

  [p2]        [p3]

The player can use their fingers to move through the points to draw symbols. For start, I allow the users to draw Lightning, ^ and inverted ^. So lets say if player touches in the following sequence : (p1,p2,p3,p4). It draws a lightning shape. The player can also draw (p1,p3,p2,p4) to draw a reflected lightning shape. For the ^, the sequence is (p2,p1,p3) or (p3,p1,p2). For the last one, (p2,p4,p3) or (p3,p4,p2).

I tried using booleans but it ended up causing some booleans to be triggered unintentionally. I heard from my friend something about getting them into arrays but I got stuck at how to detect the sequence in the array.

Anyone can help?

Okay, Here it is explained a little more.

So, you want the player to draw a line...


Above are 10 points... In order to pass, you need atleast 70 percent correct, so in other words, 7 of them must be right.

To do this, get the distance between what the user draws, and the actual game object (Represented by an X above)... Now, in the if statement to check if the distance is close enough, you can incrememnt a variable (Let's say, gotRight)...

So, when user is done drawing, whether it be pushing a button, or some other means, it checks between how many were possible (You can use

Now, that'll say how long, just use .length, and then divide the gotRight by the variable above, and that'll give you a percent. Now check whether or not that percent is >= .7, if so, then they got it right, if not, then they got it wrong...

Is that better?