Determine if an external prefab exists within the project 's assets folder (not in scene)

I am using assets bundle to dynamically add prefabs to a scene and those prefabs can be cloned by the users. When a user clone a prefab, I need to determine if the prefab has been loaded. If not, then I will use the WWW class to load the asset bundles with the prefab.

Question is, how do I know that a prefab is loaded and ready to be clone?

Ok, I found the solution here:

How to “Get” prefabs from project View by code

To check if a prefab is in the assets, use the Resources.Load("prefabName") method, like this:

Object prefab;

    prefab = Resources.Load("prefabName");
catch(UnityException e){			
    Debug.Log (e);

if(prefab == null){
    //doesn't exist
    Debug.Log("Prefab exists");

Pay attention that the prefab has to be in a folder named ‘Resources’.

If you know the name of the prefab you could try GameObject.Find. A return value of null would mean it is not loaded.

GameObject myPrefab = GameObject.Find("nameOfMyPrefab");
if( myPrefab == null )
  // Uh oh, my prefab has not loaded.
  // We found the prefab, therefore it loaded.
  // You may still have to check if its activated -
  //   I'm a bit unsure on this part!

Please post your results!