Determine the name of the corrupted script in Editor

It is completely incomprehensible about what script are we talking about, if it is attached to the object and corrupted?
How to view its name?

(I can not even attach a picture to the post)

This happens when you deleted a script or renamed the script file outside of Unity. In both cases the script is gone and any references to the script is lost since it does not exist anymore. If you renamed your script outside of Unity the original script is just missing and you just created a new completely seperate script asset (with the new name).

If you really need to rename files outside of Unity, you have to ensure to rename the corresponding meta file as well. However if you don’t as soon as Unity recompiles your scripts the references are lost and can’t be restored easily. If you had many instances of a certain script you can manually fix the references by finding the GUID of the old reference and fix the references manually inside the scene / prefab files. This of course does only work if the serialization mode is set to text.