Determine WHAT was just compiled........

Here’s a really important question,

You edit a script and you see this:


How to determine what was just compiled?

Or indeed “Imported”.

How can you tell what was just compiled? Someone intelligent must know the answer. For example can you look at some binaries, or something, and see the dates, or?? Any ideas?


This class will debug all the imported assets. It’s an editor class so remember to put it inside an Editor folder. Have a further look at the [AssetPostprocessor][1] class, maybe you’ll get ideas.

	// name this say HappyScript.js (it's javascript) and drop in Editor/ folder
	class MyPostprocessor extends AssetPostprocessor {

		static function OnPostprocessAllAssets (
			importedAssets : String[],
			deletedAssets : String[],
			movedAssets : String[],
			movedFromAssetPaths : String[]) {
			for (var str in importedAssets){
				Debug.Log("Reimported Asset: " + str);

			for (var str in deletedAssets)
				Debug.Log("Deleted Asset: " + str);

			for (var i=0;i<movedAssets.Length;i++)
				Debug.Log("Moved Asset: " + movedAssets _+ " from: " + movedFromAssetPaths*);*_

* }*
* }*