Determine which slider has been changed in callback

I have a large number of sliders which could be handled with a single callback if only I could pass an index or otherwise access which slider has been changed within the callback. I can handle buttons with:
buttons*.GetComponent().onClick.AddListener(() => {ButtonPressed(index);});*
but there’s nothing similar for sliders. Is there any way to achieve this other than laboriously creating a bunch of self similar callbacks and manually linking them?

Do you mean like this:

sliders*.GetComponent<Slider>().onValueChanged.AddListener((value) => {foo (i,value);});*

I hadn’t replicated my button code precisely. For some reason you can’t pass the iterator directly. So I modified the for loop above to make it work:

for (int i=0;i<slider.Length;i++)
int index = i;
 slider[index].GetComponent<Slider>().onValueChanged.AddListener((value) => {SliderChanged (index,value);});