Deterministically Speed Up Simulation Without Impacting TimeScale

How can I speed up game without affecting timedelta?

This is a similar to but slightly different. I am building a simulation and actually don’t care that much about “what” speed it’s set to, as long as it’s processing as fast as possible with deterministic results.

Time.timeScale does not work, as it affects all the time and delta time measuring variables of the Time class. I do not want this. I want to run with the SAME time delta, but faster.

Capture Framerate also does not work, as my simulation has some (simulation) time sensitive components and I need those to be considered.

As an example, this is a nav mesh agent, with each line representing a different timescale (up is less and down is more). I plot a point for each update. You can see the precision of points is reduced as the time scale increases.