Dev tools that integrate with Unity ID

Is it possible to integrate with Unity ID?

Here is the story …
In short we have a tool we are developing which has a backend service that the developer needs to log into in order to use in engine. At the moment we have the developer logging in via a login form however the ideal would be to have the developer authenticated by virtue of the engine being authenticated as this saves the dev a step and saves us from needing to ask for a username and password when we can simply direct them to link with their Unity ID account.

I see in the account settings a spot for Authorized Applicaitons which leads me to belive that this might be possible but haven’t found any documentaiton on it.


Is this possible?

Can anyone point us at documentaiton around it?

You are correct, this feature is available - however, it is only for our partners. I will be happy to put you in contact with the team to further discuss.