Develop a game in team, do we have to buy unity iphone everyone?

Hi, the team of developing is composed by 2 people: me (the programmer) and the designer. He has bought Unity Iphone and the Apple developer license. Problem is that I can't test the apps (that require iphone touch) with unity standard, can i buy a devide (ipod touch for example) and test the apps with unity remote? Do I need any license? If yes, can i use his licenses?


In the past, a Unity license can be installed on 2 computers. So that means that if you both have a single computer/laptop then you could both use Unity Iphone. I haven't checked recently to see if that is still the case, but its not a bad place to start. Otherwise, you would have to purchase a license. Or, you can just test the app on his iPhone.

With the xCode and provisioning, your current license should work. Just download the provisioning stuff, and it should let you build apps just fine.