Develop for iOS/Android using Windows PC

I wanted to know something, can a developer develop a game for iOS and android both using a Windows PC ? I am asking about developing, not publishing.
I have a macbook but I prefer to work on my PC due to having a better keyboard and bigger monitor to use. I will ofcourse have a macbook to publish the iOS game.

Also, can a project created and developed using Unity Windows be modified and used in Unity Mac ?
Like I developed my game using windows version, I went to test it on my iPhone using my macbook but found bugs, then I decide to fix the bugs on my macbook itself using the Unity Mac rather then fixing them on Windows PC and then transferring my files back.

oh and just to confirm, the free version of Unity (basic I think) allows you to publish on iOS and android devices right ?

A1. Yes, you can do development of an iOS app on a Windows machine. You will not be able to test your app on an iOS device without using your Mac.

A2. Yes, you can share a project between a PC and a Mac. The way you should do this is to use some revision control software. It’s normal to encounter bugs in your code when you move from to a mobile device. (Which is why doing iOS development on a Windows machine doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I’d assume that your keyboard and monitor can connect to your macbook.)

A3. Yes.

I am working my projects between my pc and the macbook for my team using google drive (or dropbox if you prefer) to share folders and i don´t have any problem at that time.

By the way i use the pc to export the project to apk but i see in some web sides you can do this in a mac to, instead for export a project to IOS you just do it from a mac. (i am not sure of this at all).

Yes , You Can.Go for link blow