Develop Unity games for Game Companies

I’ve read all the FAQ, Agreements and so on, but still cannot find the answer.

We are a company. We create apps for our customers. Our customers OWN the apps with the source code, they publish their apps in Stores under their name.

Do we have to buy one Unity Pro license for each project? or Can we buy Unity Pro license and develop the Unity games for our various customers, for various projects?

Thanks in advance!


the ownership of the source code has nothing to do with your need for licenses.

if you’re making games with unity then you’ll need the relevant licenses, but that’s for development purposes.

your client will need a license in order to build it themselves (but not if you provide games which are ready for publishing).

hope that helps.

Good question. I would contact unity3d for confirmation, but I think the following is true:

You, the license owner needs a unity pro license if you gross >US$100k

Only the developer pays, not the client. Of course some could use this legal loophole to sell games to an affiliated company for $1 per game to stay below this threshold and not need the Pro Version, but why wouldn’t you want the pro version if you make > US$100k?

If you want to buy Pro anyway, there’s nothing left to think about.
The client doesn’t need to pay in any case as he doesn’t need to use the development environment, be it the free or pro version.