Develop vr game without using headset

Hi there,

I’m trying to develop my first vr game, but unfortunately i don’t have oculus rift or any other vr headset.

is that applicable to develop a game and test its scenes without the headset.
when i added to project settings → player → other settings
and enabled virtual reality.

i got an error VRDevice loaded failed.

Any help?

I recommend you lock at google cardboard:

I guess You expect to see two pictures on screen with this checkbox checked and You won’t. Unity now renders in direct mode to HMD at once.

You can try to test Your game with Cardboard SDK for Unity and You’ll see Your stereo picture on screen. In addition it requires only a phone not the most expensive one and Cardboard itself is about $20.

Actually Oculus DK or GearVR is much much better but if You want to try it’s the cheapest way to jump in.

Hope it helps :slight_smile: