"Developement build" mark still on device running app

I have Unity 4.2 PRO, windows phone project and "developement build" not checked in Build settings. But when I run my app on the device, there is still "Developement build" mark in lower right corner. What is wrong?
I tried to change "debug" to "release" in SDK before install the app into the device, but nothing changed.
I tried trial licence too, but with the same result. :(

For the "Development build" to go away, you have to build it in "Master" configuration.

Ok, I will try it. And "Release" configuration not? Only in "Master"?

Release configuration still has profiler enabled, and thus not suitable for distributing the app to customers. Master configuration has all that striped out.

Ok, but sdk guidelines says that you should publish "release" build. Should I publish "master" instead?

Yes, you have to select "master" for some reason. This really should be documented by Unity.

You should publish it in Master build.

When i try to build in Master i get,
Error Error : DEP6810 : MdilXapCompile.exe failed with error code 2001.

CrossGen failed
Error processing assembly obj\ARM\Master\MSIL\Microsoft.Advertising.Mobile.Common.winmd
Raw error code: 2148733978

Uninstall your app in phone.