Developer Console doesn't show up when using BuildOptions.Developer

I’m currently attempting to simplify the build process for our project as follows:

// Called from MenuItem functions..
public static void Build(bool server, bool client)
	// Get the chosen directory, or use the default one.
	var currDir = EditorPrefs.GetString("BuildDir");
	if (currDir == "")
		currDir = defaultDir;
	BuildOptions customOptions = BuildOptions.Development | BuildOptions.AllowDebugging | BuildOptions.ShowBuiltPlayer;
	if (client)
		// Build the client
		var clientLevels = new string[3];
		clientLevels[0] = "Assets/Scenes/ClientScene.unity";
		clientLevels[1] = "Assets/Scenes/MainScene.unity";
		clientLevels[2] = "Assets/Scenes/UIScene.unity";
		BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer(clientLevels, currDir + "/Client.exe", BuildTarget.StandaloneWindows64, customOptions);
	if (server)
		// Build the server
		var serverLevels = new string[2];
		serverLevels[0] = "Assets/Scenes/ServerScene.unity";
		serverLevels[1] = "Assets/Scenes/MainScene.unity";
		BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer(serverLevels, currDir + "/Server.exe", BuildTarget.StandaloneWindows64, customOptions);


I can’t, however, seem to be able to get the developer console to show up. Normally it displays when you build a standalone player in developer mode, but it doesn’t do so here.

I’ve also found the following command which should allow me to show it, but it doesn’t do anything, either:

if (Debug.isDebugBuild)
   Debug.developerConsoleVisible = true;

I’ve confirmed that the player is, indeed, in debug build when BuildOptions.Development is added.

The development console cannot be made to appear by setting Debug.developerConsoleVisible=true. It can however be hidden by setting the value to false.

Instead, you’ll need to log an error to make the developer console appear:

 // Console automatically appears once an error has been logged
 Debug.LogError( "I am an Error" );

See Unity - Scripting API: Debug.developerConsoleVisible for more details.