Developing A Simple Game System

Hey Guys,

I am sort of a beginner in terms of creating a fully working game. I’ve started a simple project that is level based and the main goal is to collect different objects in the levels.

Basically, I want a level-select screen which contains portals to the different levels. The levels will contain five different types of collectibles. I want to store how many of each collectible you have collected per level separately, so in the level select screen, you can view your progress in that level.

Also, in the level select screen, the next level is unlocked based on if the previous level was completed.

I just need help getting this system going. I really have no idea where to start. Ive tried multiple different things but none work all too well. And im sure the answer to my issues is right under my nose, so maybe you guys can help me out.

I’m not asking for anybody to write the game for me, but any links, suggestions, code snippets, and especially any help explaining to me how i should make the system flow would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


To store the players progress read through
Using PlayerPrefs.SetInt(“Level1_collectible1”, 5) will store that you have collected 5 of collectible1. using GetInt you can now get that from your menu and show it to the user with something like GUI.Label().
The same way you could set “Level1Finished” and use PlayerPrefs.HasKey to query if a user has already completed a level.

You need to first start off with learning about the unity engine itself, then coding.