Developing and deploying for xbox one using a MAC.

Greetings to all.

Im using the Unity free version for 2d game development i’m using a macBook pro now i am aware that to deploy to xbox one i need a license from them but my question is:

After i get the license from them and add the relevant module to Unity how do i deploy on the xbox the app / game i developed (i have a retail xbox one and as of my understanding i can activate dev mode on it) from my MAC using the OSX not windows?

Is it possible?

Plus if someone here can explain more thoroughly the the process of of getting the license from MS and then adding the module to Unity it will be most appreciated.

Thanks to anyone who helps.


Have you found an answer yet?
I am having the same issue. I use a Mac for everything and don’t want to switch platforms for one aspect of my life.

Yesterday I watched Microsoft’s Connect()2016 event where they unveiled Visual Studio for Mac (VS), however it has limited functionality. In case you aren’t familiar with VS, it’s Microsoft’s own development environment. My excitement was short lived, however. Two of the developers of the VS possibly gave conflicting information. One said that UWP (something necessary to publish Windows and Xbox games) was not coming to VS for Mac. As in ever. Another said that VS functionality would expand based on user feedback. So, if UWP is not something that can only exist on Windows then it sounds like it might come the Mac in future, but if it can only exist with some divine intervention…sucks to be us I suppose.

There are options though. Here is a program that I have heard a lot about, but just haven’t gotten around to checking out yet:

The price seems to be for a yearly license - $99.99 for the “Pro” developers, but the Apple developers license is $99 - but if you are ready to deliver a game soon (or now) it might be the better option. Especially if it lives up to the hype.

Let me know if this helps or if you’ve been able to find anything new since April.

Hello mikesway79

Eventually i was able to run a Unity build on my Dev enabled Xbox one however you will need ׳Windows 10 and VS preview to actually run builds on your Dev enabled Xbox one here is a StackOverFlow answer i wrote explaining the process :