Developing for IOS

Hi - I am currently developing a game that eventually (once I have bought an mac mini / IOS basic licence / Apple dev access license) I want to release on the app store.

I was just doing a little research - and a terrible thought has come over me; I have developed my game (so far) in Javascript - does it need to be in C++ to be compatible with IOS functions (tilt)? I don’t know where to start with C++, and really don’t want to have to start all over again.

Secondly - I want to develop on the PC to begin with and get the basics down, then move over to the mac when i’m getting somewhere (this beginning stage will actually determine whether I even bother to buy a mac mini at all). Can I use my IOS basic license on both machines? And can I develop on the PC in the first place?

Thanks for reading and for any knowledge offered on this.


You only need to worry about C++ if you’re writing native plugins which I doubt you’re doing. Unity will cross compile your JS code to the target platform. You can’t develop iOS games on Windows (Which I guess is what you meant by PC), you’ll need a computer with Mac OS on it. License-wise, you can use your license on two machines that you have exclusive access of, but it still won’t help you build iOS apps on Windows (or rather; non-Mac OS).

Also it is a good idea to get down with an iOS build early on (you can use the trial to test stuff out). In particular one of the things that appear to catch a lot of people off guard is that the devices have less RAM and CPU/GPU power than a typical PC so if you build your game up front and then try to get it on iOS, chances are that your game isn’t running fast enough or using too much memory, so you need to step back and spend time fixing that. If you did it up front, you’d continuously keep improving the product you’re making, so that is something you should keep in mind as well. Just some advice.