Developing for ipad2, Camera Setup

So the ipad2 has an aspect camera ratio of 4:3. Is this in square pixels? Is there anything I need to be aware of camera-wise to get an exact preview of what is going to be seen on the ipad AR? Any squashing of pixels etc.?

I’m mainly wondering because 4:3 looks rather square-ish in unity while I thought the ipad screen view space was more rectangular.

I would make a square test. Put a lot of squares in different sized on a single scene. Then compile it for iOS and see how it looked.

Actually, a precise GRID made of tiled squares (TRON like) would be enough for you to see if its equally sized on both axis or not.

My guess is, as its Steve Jobs who was the “Godfather” behind it, that its square pixels.

Also try to Google it. I’ll bet you arent the first person asking how the pixels on an iPad are.

Yeah we’ll definitely take that advice when we get out iOS workflow going, thanks. Remarkably, I did google this question and I couldn’t find anything in regards to square verse rectangle pixels for ipad.