Developing for VR with just the controllers?

is it possible to begin early development of a VR game with just the controllers? using my normal monitors to view the game. but controlling it with those controllers?

I really am intrigued by what valve has showed us so far with its knuckle controllers, and I eagerly await the release of their headset. I’d very much like to begin developing some VR titles, even if its just some simple mechanical groundwork. But I dont really want to be buying a headset now and then again, when valvue drops theirs. I’d much rather just wait till valve releases their headset, and buy my first one then. But I wouldn’t be too opposed to just buying some controllers now, then I could begin some early mechanical development while I wait for the headset release. I’d hate to pull the trigger on this idea, just to find out that the headset is required though. Can anyone with some knowledgs shed some light on this topic?

I have an action game that uses a normal controller and can run in both VR and on a monitor. It’s actually not as hard as you think to be able to switch between the two. I’d recommend keeping the UI as basic as possible until you have the headset. The VR UI has to be a living part of your environment…any overlays that move with your head really make for a poor user experience. But other than that, the basic 3D world isn’t much different. The VR SDK will include a prefab for the camera rig. You just have to add that to your player object when you’re ready.