Developing iPad games that use multiplayer wifi

I've been trying to discern what is necessary to add multiplayer functionality to an iPad game. As far as I understand it, there are at least two options with multiplayer on the iPad (please add more if incorrect in this):

  • Using the same pad (air hockey / pong style)

  • Using wifi to connect to another iPad

The latter is what I am interested to know more on. Does anyone have any experience with network games on Apple's devices ( I am assuming the iPhone is similar in this respect)? What would be the process to go from single-player to network multiplayer, as in what will I need to add or set up? I have familiarised myself with Unity's standard networking abilities, so I'd be interested to hear the differences from web/standalone as well.

And just out of interest, does anyone know if it's possible to interconnect iPad and iPhone devices in the same game?

With Unity networking, you should even be able to connect iPad, iPhone and Web players in the same game (at least if you don't mess up your NetworkViewIDs when switching from one editor to the other). I don't have experience with that, yet, though - but in general networking should be pretty much the same when you're on Wifi. Networking via 3G might introduce rather unpleasant lag, though.

You could also use a library like Photon which works both on the iPhone, iPad and standalones/Webplayers.