Developing on iPad2 using too many resources, will it lag?

Hi, I’ve been testing a few things on regular unity and I’m planning on switching to iPad soon and the first on my list is that I would like to import what I’ve done on regular unity to iphone unity. I’m dealing with too many resources here, like thousands. With this kind of situation, will the ipad2 survive(run smooth)?

Let’s say I already got through xcode and other stuff that is needed to convert it to a runnable iphone app.

Using too many resources don’t gonna make it lag. If you’re project use too many resources your application just gonna closed and get back to your iPad desktop.

The laggy thing in this kind of project are GPU & CPU. You need to develop really really carefully and optimize all your scripts, all your shader, the triangles number too need to be really optimized.

If you have more question, don’t hesitate I just over 2 month of iPhone/iPad porting from Unity game version.

Cya if you need help more than this little answer just ask :wink: