Developing Space Sim That Is Easy To Mod

I'm developing a space sim game; trade, build, fight.
Currently I'm working on the tools I'll use to create the game content. The game and the tools are being created with Unity.

I've already created the Cartographer a tool that will ship with the game allowing players to design their own star systems. It's a space sim level editor. Players can use the Cartographer to set the number and type of stars, planets, and asteroid fields and what type of resources those objects have.

I finished more of the Hull Designer, a tool that will allow players to create their own ship hulls for the game. This is just for designing the models of the ships. In the game itself players will be able to outfit their ships.

The video below shows how easy it is to mod in ship pieces.

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This is really cool!! I would love to play a space sim like that! I'm jelly I didn't come up with the idea :p

Thanks :)