Device.Present is killing my Android game!!

I am making an android UAV game. On same tier mobile phones which have snapdragon cpu everything works fine. But on mobile phones which have MTK cpu my fps under 5 fps. When i check profiler then i saw Device.Present is too high.
Here is my screenshots.

I disable vsync on quality settings and disable hdr - msaa and flare layer on my camera.Shadow quality is very low.But issue still alive.Any ideas about the solition?

I have same issue too. Any fixes about that?

I finally figured out this issue.Its about the openGL version. I change GL version from 3 to 2 in player settings and both of snapdragon and MTK cpu’s fps went up 2 levels.

I found the solution!
In Build Setting furn off: 1.Deep Profiling Support 2. Script Debugging 3.Autoconnect Profiler
I think Device.present is send data information to Unity. If you disable Developmen Build it will work normally.