Devices to test an android game!

Hello Folks,

As you are aware there are more than 50 different devices in android. I have read the unity3d 3.3 is tested by unity guys in lot of different android devices.

Does that mean that if I develop a game using Unity3d, I do not need to test it on all these different devices, I just need to test in my development phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy S phone?

As a startup venture I wanted to keep the costs as less as possible.

How about ios devices? If I test my unity3d game on an iPod (4th generation) and and iPad1, would that be safe to release a game into apple appstore?

Regards, Madhu

There will always be issues that the Unity guys won't catch that might only appear in your game on certain devices. So testing on one device only is still a risk, even though with Unity's testing, the risk is reduced.

Also, performance optimisation issues are very device specific, and optimising on one device might not mean much on other devices.

So it really depends on the nature of your venture. The more devices the better I'd say; but it is obviously a trade-off with cost (and testing time).

I'd say test on the lowest hardware you can, with the oldest version of android you can find. Then, if you have access to more than one device, test with them.

In our company we select several real devices to cover most popular screen size / gpu vendor / form factor combinations, e.g. there are 4 major GPU vendors and around 5 popular resolutions, we create table with all possible combinations and fill it according to statistics data for current period (end of spring 2014):

test devices

More about how we select test devices on our blog