Dialouge isnt working

Hey! as the title said im trying to make a game where it pops up a dialouge when i start the game. But when i press the buttons nothing happens. i have put in the OnClick() on the button objects.
it seems to be a problem with the buttons because the load scene thing isnt working either.
The public strings is probably not needed? but it looks cool
my script:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;
public class Talk : MonoBehaviour {

    public GameObject DialougeObj;

    public Text Question;
    public Text Answear1;
    public Text Answear2;
    public Text Answear3;

    public string QuestionString;
    public string Answear1String;
    public string Answear2String;
    public string Answear3String;

    void Start()
        QuestionString  = "Do you want to play the tutorial?";
        Answear1String = "Yes!";
        Answear2String = "No!";


    void Update()
        Question.text = QuestionString;
        Answear1.text = Answear1String;
        Answear2.text = Answear2String;
        Answear3.text = Answear3String;           
    public void Answear1Butt()

        QuestionString = "Use WASD to move" +
            "1 for pistol, 2 sword, 3 for weapon3" +
            "Easy right?, now play the tutorial map and then through the portal!";

        Answear1String = "Yes, sir!";

    public void Answear2Butt()
        SceneManager.LoadScene("Main World");


@TvattSvampen Are the buttons working at all, do you have an EventSystem in your scene?