Did I do the Modeling or Rigging Wrong?

So I originally made a model in mudbox but I also use blender so I imported the model as object file into blender and followed a tutorial for rigging. Originally I was going to use mudbox’s pose tool to rig it up but for some reason I can’t get the weighting or connectors right so that’s why I started using blender more instead since it looks like it’s improving alot. Anyhow, so I followed this tutorial and generated the rig, weighted it, etc, then I went to test it and only the rig moved and my model did nothing. Did I do something wrong or miss something somewhere? Or is mudbox and blender incompatible and i’m better going with 3ds max or making the model inside blender instead? I’m wondering if maybe my model is too thick/dense or made wrong. I’m still learning all this so please correct me if i’m misunderstanding anything…no offense is taken. Any advice helps, thanks!

Screenshot of Model: alt text

It sounds to me asthough you’ve missed a crucial step in the rigging process and not skinned the mesh.
I’m not entirely sure how it works in blender, but your bones need to be ‘attached’ to the models skin, this is a method known as skinning, whilst some things may be different in blender, this still holds true.

Note: Blender also uses a method known as Enveloping.