Did Social.LoadUsers() stop working?

Social.LoadUsers() used to work for me, but now the callback doesn’t even get called. It used to work for me previously but now nothing happens. I’m using Unity3d 5.3.1 and Xcode 7.2. I know the function gets called, the local user is logged into GameCenter and the userID array contains userIDs.

The relevant code:

if (userIDs == null || userIDs.Length != scores.Length) {
	userIDs = new string[scores.Length];

for (int i = 0; i < scores.Length; i++) {
	userIDs _= scores*.userID;*_

* }*
* Debug.Log (“request user names”);*
* Debug.Log (Social.localUser.authenticated);*
* Social.LoadUsers(userIDs, users => {*
* Debug.Log(users.Length);*
* Debug.Log(scores.Length);*
* for (var i = 0; i < users.Length; i++) {*
_ Debug.Log(users*.userName);
if (users.Length == scores.Length) {
Debug.Log("!! sending scores out " + scores.Length.ToString());
if (request.function != null) {
request.function (scores, users, request.chunk, request.from);
Running this outputs the following into the Xcode console:
1. userIds (“G:” and some numbers)
2. “request user names”
3. “True”_

Not working for me either on 5.3.2.P3 I was just about to release the game too and it’s just stopped me being able to. Anyone know if unity are even aware of it as a problem?

Ran into the same problem! It was working, then I messed around with the packages and a few other things in the developer console. I couldn’t tell you what broke it… BUT

What ended up finally giving me data again in Loadusers was by calling it from PlayGamesPlatform.Instance.LoadUsers… like so. It was called inline from within the Loadscores method.

  PlayGamesPlatform.Instance.LoadUsers(userIds.ToArray(), (users) => {
                           Debug.Log(users.length); //will give you correct count