Difference between Application.version and PlayerSettings.bundleVersion

I want to auto-increment the version number that appears as “App Version” in Unity Cloud Diagnostics every time I make a new PC build. I assume this is Application.version.

Application.version is read-only and can only be edited via Edit>Project Settings>Player>Version.

Enter PlayerSettings.bundleVersion. This field CAN be edited in code, and when I do (at least in the local editor on PC) it changes both Application.version and Edit>Project Settings>Player>Version. The docs say it is only used for Android and iOS builds (I have neither package and only care about PC).

So: is one just a reference to the other? Will they ever differ? Is it OK to use PlayerSettings.bundleVersion for a PC build? As usual the docs aren’t helpful.

We use PlayerSettings.bundleVersion (accessible only in editor) to set Application.version (also accessible in the player) for all platforms & we don’t do mobile games we do PC / consoles…

(@sarahnorthway I assume you’ve worked this out by now :slight_smile: )