Difference between Cubemap and Skybox?

I am very new to Unity, and from what I have been reading I can’t seem to understand the difference between a Cubemap and a Skybox? Both seem to be six graphics put together in a cube to make on seamless image. Could someone please explain the difference?

Thanks in advance!

cube maps are intended for the reflection of the environment. more detail : Cube mapping - Wikipedia

Sky box is kind of the opposite. The images give the illusion of a stationary sky in relation to the camera. instead of explaining the skybox in detail, check this out : Skybox (video games) - Wikipedia

both have 6 images to represent each side of the cube so that information is displayed for every direction. both give the illusion of a “sphere”.

an extremely simple way to imagine it: Imagine a sphere. cubemaps take surounding information and project it back out, the camera is outside the sphere. Skybox project information inwards, the camera is inside the sphere.

Examples of use:

In a first person shooter, have you ever noticed the reflection inside the scope of a weapon? That is possible because of the use of cubemaps. The information is stored at strategically placed “nodes” around the map. Each “node” has reflection information stored as a cube map. When the player gets in range of this cubemap node, the image displayed in the scope reflection would change. This is much easier on performance than having to calculate reflections real time.

Almost every game where the player is able to look up uses a skybox or some form of skybox. A technique exists where a large dome surrounds the player camera or environment. The sky is displayed as a texture on the inner side of this dome. It would give a very similar effect as unity’s skybox, except there is no need to manually move and update the dome during play since unity uses a different technique.