Difference between Prefab Variant and an FBX Prefab Variant?

Is there a difference between these two options? And if so, what is the best use case for them?

I've been testing creating prefabs with FBX animation rigs, and can't tell a difference so far.
If a rig is already an FBX, is it fine to just use Create - Prefab Variant?
Or is there something more effective in using Convert To FBX Prefab Variant, and overwriting the original FBX?
Read the Working with Model Prefabs and FBX Prefab Variants page, but it's not clear to me yet.

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If you compare Create -> Prefab Variant on an unchanged instance of the and selecting Convert to FBX Prefab Variant in the project window they are essentially the same, but the latter gives you more options - it also allows you to create a new copy of the FBX and link it to your prefab. Here are the additional options that you get when using Convert to FBX Prefab Variant https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/com.unity.formats.fbx@4.1/manual/prefabs.html#ConvertOptions

Here is a quote from documentation that might give you some more information:
Depending on which type of file you selected, the FBX Exporter creates the FBX Prefab Variant in one of the following ways:

  • If an FBX file is selected, the FBX Exporter generates a Prefab Variant file with the selected FBX file as its base.
  • If a Prefab Asset file is selected, the FBX Exporter exports the Prefab to an FBX file and creates a new FBX Prefab Variant. [/quote]