Difference between Vector3, Transform and GameObject

Hi all,

I know this is a silly question though i’m trying to articulate in words as to the difference between Vector3, Transform and GameObject.

I vaguely know the difference i think and have searched the interwebz for answers though im getting confused.

Could someone explain to me in plain english the differences?


A Vector 3 is a set of 3 numbers. X,Y,Z Example: (1, 3, 5)
A Transform is a game objects position, rotation, and scale in the scene, and can be seen in the inspector when you have the object selected.
A GameObject is anything that is in the scene. Game Objects have Transforms if they are in the scene, because they have a position, rotation, and scale.
Please accept this answer if this is what you were looking for. If not, just ask!

Vector3 is a point in a 3D-Room.

Transform is a property attached to GameObjects. For example: Your scene is a 3D-Room. Your GameObject would be then a Point in that room with a Position, Rotation and Scale. These 3 variables are Vector3’s.

And finally a GameObject is your Object in your Hierarchy. It can be a 3D-Model, soundfile or even an empty object with components (scripts and stuff) on it.
(Excample) If you want to disable a GameObject you have to do this:

You also can call GameObject from Transform and Transform from GameObject:

Connection between these 3:
GameObject contains Transform,
Transform contains Vector3 (position).

I hope i could help.