Difference between visual editor asset.

just knew 2 visual logic editor(vle) for unity which is Antares VIZIO and PlayMaker. I wanted to know the difference, which VLE is:-

  1. better?
  2. easier?
  3. more advanced?
  4. more complete?

I am currently making my own Visual Logic Editor, and I've looked at both of those you mentioned a lot, but I have not tested them myself.

I will however try to answer you :)

  1. better?

This is hard to answer without knowing what you are going to use it for, but perhaps the answers for the other questions will guide you.

  1. easier?

PlayMaker seems to be a little easier to learn.

  1. more advanced?

VIZIO looks like it is very advanced. Antares have also released other editor utilities that are great.

  1. more complete?

It looks to me that VIZIO is the one that is most feature complete with extra functionality, whereas PlayMaker is just a layer ontop of the basic unity code.