Difference in gamescreens?

I test my game in Unity Remote 4 (Android) and installed apk version of game. Gamescreens looks different, I mean some gameobject does not showing on installed version (I think outside of the main camera). Unity Remote 4 looks like main camera preview. Does it make sense? and Why these gamescreens are different? and How can I test real device gamescreen without build?

When using Unity Remote, its really just screen casting from your computer(whatever kind it is) to the mobile device. This is why things may not look as crisp, etc. It may also display objects that use shaders that you haven’t considered changing for mobile. The remote is receiving the image from your computer which is rendering with what i hope is a better GPU than the mobile device.

You will want to try and ensure you setup the screen and camera as much as to what the device uses as possible. But at the end of the day, builds for the device, though time consuming to iterate over are your best option for fleshing out the idiosyncrasies of that particular device.